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Are you among the high class members of the American society and would like a smoking pipe that fits your social cadre? The Proto pipe is the pipe you need. This smoking pipe will not disappoint you. The proto pipe will not break down but serve you for a long time.

The proto pipe is a smoking pipe that was designed in America in the 1960s for use in smoking legal herbal products and legal oils and concentrates. It was developed by a company known as Proto Pipe Inc., California. This pipe consists of a brass pipe which has other unique removable fixtures attached to it. These fixtures enhance its classy and comfy feeling that all persons would like in a smoking pipe.

The smoking pipe has a number of peculiar features. First, it has a polished brass pipe and base, black mouthpiece. There are other removable features such as a screen with artistically drilled holes, a bowl, a stash pot and a cleaning prodder. The brass pipe has been noted to make the pipe better than glass pipes because it can easily loose excessive heat when burning the legal herbal products and legal oils and concentrates. It thus does not become excessively hot like other metal or glass pipes. The brass pipe is attached to a bowl on which a removable poker, tar trap and stash pod are attached. The bowl is quite spacious as it can hold five loads of the legal herbal products and legal oils and concentrates. The poker, tar trap and stash pod make up its cleaning kit and therefore very easy to clean.

The few drills in the brass pipe and the bowl allow air to flow in the smoking pipe without over size smoke particles reaching the mouthpiece. To ensure that the pipe screen is not clogged with tar particles, the tar trap is fixed at the base of the bowl of the smoking pipe. The tar trap at this low position traps tar and prevents it from getting into screen and mouthpiece. Even though the brass pipe may be clogged with tar and smoke particles the pipe has an advantage in that it can easily be cleaned with the steel cleaning prodder. The cleaning is not a difficult process as it involves wiping off the tar and smoke particles.

The smoking pipe is small and can fit easily into your pocket while its weight is less than an ounce.

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